Watercolour Painting
  I painted this in Windsor and Newton watercolours  (picture from google--don't know who's it is)


                              New  dolls

 My dolls are sculpted in paperclay and painted with Golden acrylics.They are aprox.11" tall and dressed in silk

               ATC card I painted with Winsor and Newton watercolours
                                                 MY WALL
I put up all the small pieces I have on one wall in my sitting room
Two new paintings -done in Winsor and Newtom artist watercolour -on Strathmore Illustration Board


I haven't posted anything for ages because I was'nt doing any dolls or pictures.I tried doing a few aceo's to get some practise

Vintage style dress with roses and beading and it's made from dupion silk and the underskirt is china silk I have 2 colours in her hair and handmade beaded roses

.I sculpted this doll from stoneclay.She is bigger than the dolls I usually make ,she's 22" tall and painted with acrylic and pastel and sealed with matt varnish.I thought I would be quicker making this type but it took as long as a ball jointed doll.
I have only used watercolour to paint birds before so I tried this.It's much harder to use doing faces.I can't get the shading right.At least you can hide the odd mistake in acrylic.


I finished her today -and I think I started her 3 months ago !I painted her face with acrylics and shaded with pastels.Her dress is made from silk and the over skirt is tulle and I painted all the edges with bronze paint.She has a vintage hat pin holding her hair up.I'm sorry I did'nt shape her feet so she could have high heel shoes -she would look better with shoes on but I 'm fed up looking at her now so she's staying bare foot!!



  This is my 3RD attempt at making a BJD doll. I wrap beads in cling film to insert into the body to make the holes for the leg and arm joints.It makes it  easier to remove them from the wet clay.This time I made the ball joints seperately and added them to the legs and arms with apoxie sculpt ,and I thread a needle with strong thread and firstly I push it through the ball joint(this is for the arms) and then run it through the arm -I can knot the elastic to the thread and pull it through because I find it impossible to get the elastic into a finished arm.The powder on the saucer is for the fingers.I make a paddle shape -cut the wire and put a bit of glue on the tip and push them into the clay-let them dry then I "paint" pva glue on the fingers and dip them inthe powder which is light plaster,let it dry and repeat 3 or 4 times depending on how thick I want the fingers.I cut the wire extra long because when I build up the hand its hard to know how long the fingers should be.   I cut them with a wire cutter and the plaster does'nt crack.  I have loads to do yet -make the feet add clay to the fingers etc .I'll post more pictures when I get some more done.                           

I painted this in acrylic .I have'nt made a doll in ages so I might start a new one next week

I painted the birds in watercolour (I normally use acrylics).I bought these Derwent intense blocks but haven't used them yet but the colours are good and strong SOLD (the birds !!)