New Year,and I am starting this blog. I have been working as a dressmaker/designer for the past ?????? well a long time. I have always had an interest in and loved dolls so a few years back i began to read about and experiment in the making of dolls. The first dolls i created were cloth dolls and i then moved on to working with clay. I have kept some of my earlier work and i can assure you it is not for public viewing, however a few years on and i am proud to say i have made quiet a few sales. I am enclosing picture of my latest doll she is in every way handmade from a block of clay and all her dlothes are also handmade, even her shoes. I would love to hear your comments bye for now.


Fiona said...

Well done Mary!
Keep up the good work!!!


sandykipper said...

Hi Mary
It's Sandy using my craft name of Kofi Kraft.
So sorry it's taken me so long to post a comment. Not having broadband is driving me nuts. Taken me hour and a half to get to this stage! Anyway I think your site is brilliant with all your photos. I've seen the purple fairy in person and she is amazing, definitely one of my favourites. Didn't know about the rubik cube, think it's brilliant. I've bought more wool and have started knitting again - have three things on the go at the moment and want to start some others, but have to learn to finish one thing at a time! Speak soon.

Anonymous said...

great great great love it all