fairy doll

I've finished this doll but I'm not sure about her, somethings annoying me,  but at this stag I've had enough,so she'll do!!


Lisa Hefron said...

Thank you for following my Blog. Your dolls are beautiful. A tatting shuttle is used to tatt lace. I learned from a great book called "The Complete Book of Tatting" by Rebecca Jones. I also got some great pointers from You Tube videos. You can get the shuttles from JoAnn's fabric and other craft stores.

Colleen said...

Hey girl!!! I love this dolls face!!! haha dont let her annoy you...shes beautiful! I know what you are doing, I do the same thing!!! Love Colleen

Lucys Baby said...

I think she is rather intriguing, I like her anticipatory pose. Love her hair and eyes.
What story do you want her to tell?
Answer to your question on my blog- "What are you going to do with the little bottles?"
I am going to guild some, add fibers, charms, meaningful messages, solder different sparkly tops or trinkets to the top. Also have some Frozen Charlotte heads, to place on top, make little dolls with wings, and alter them.
Can't wait to start. This paint line I'm repping has taken off. So, everything has been put on the back burner, in my Art Doll world for now.