Flower girl

Picture of a little girl I painted in the last 2 days.Its painted in acrylics and I machine embroidered parts of the hair, hearts, and swirls. I added glitter when it was finished


rossichka said...

The girl is charming! I like very much that you used embroidery! There's a little paper flower on my desk, that I had begun to ornament with thread. Ihe needle is still hanging... You gave me the impulse to finish it!
Patricia, I'm very excited, because your gift has arrived! Tomorrow I'll get it from the post office!:))))

Dawn in the Forest said...

Very pretty:)

Aideen said...

Gorgeous! Love this image ;)

manosdetijera said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting our blog.
We have linked your blog in own.
Your artworks are really very nice.

Abi said...

She is beautiful!

rossichka said...

Dear Patricia, can you believe it? I'm holding your lovely gifts in my hands!:) I'm so happy! Thank you! The birdie will stay in the hall, so that everyone could enjoy it; I'll use the bag for my make-up - I just needed a new one. And you are so sweet to send me a piece of Irish linen, that I haven't seen and touched! It's so tender!
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again!
P.S. By the way, did you choose a name for the doll?:)

Anonymous said...

we just love all your stuff the wedding dresses are exquisite and your dolls are really works of art Ibought one of your dolls and its sitting proudly on my piano Well done keep up the good work

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh HI...love you dolls..and how cool you sew..and made beutiful cloths..with that great wool in Ireland!!!

Thanks for visiting me..You might like my friend on my blog
Janne from Norway link she makes costumes.

I was in Belle Armoir last year for a little mixed media dress..
Check my blog search.

I used to come to Dublin all the time ..love it..My husbands CD won best Celtic CD..www.johndoan.com

We will be in UK this summer but sadly not Ireland..

Love getting to know you.

Deirdra Doan said...

PS the weight thing is amazing Doctors protcol..I could send you links..it is very scientific..but thank be to God you are not hungry! And it changes your life and chemistry.

I may blog about it later..

Mayje said...

Hi! I'm visiting from swap-bot. I'm one of your partners in the more followers for my craft blog swap. The girl is beautiful! Have a nice day!

delia hornbook said...

I Just wanted to say hello, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, you have an amzing blog your very talented love your art work, this lady is stunning i love the fact you have used paint and embroidered parts to. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Emma (ecoprincess) said...

This is really pretty! I love it.