Linen jacket

I've finally finished this jacket [I think I cut it out over 3 weeks ago!!] It's really good weight linen,but maybe a bit heavy for summer-if we have a summer .Looking at it now it needs a good pressing.It looks better on 'cos the dress dummy is'nt expanded to the proper size


Tirabaralla said...

I love the feeling of linen!

This said, I am so glad the pasta al forno was as good as expected this time :)
TY for letting me know, it made me happy!

KentuckyGal said...

New follower and fan from Swap-bot. DH and I were married by a Unitarian preacher in my mother's house. We had to find her the day before the wedding because the JP had to back out...yikes! But if we ever have a church wedding/renewal of vows...I know where my dress is coming from! :O)

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heatherw1981 said...

Wow. This is amazing. The pockets look great, but very hard and time-consuming. I really wish I could sew.

heatherw1981 from swap-bot