First picture I painted for Trish and then Ithought I'd have a go at painting daffodils!


KnowMe said...

wauw ! :o
fantastic painting...
i wish i could draw/paint like that ;)

new follower from SB ;)


Airamty said...

Thanks so much for the follow from SB....I am so happy to follow back since I am in love with your blog looking around your art. My daughter will get excited when I show her the art dolls since she is into pincesses too much... I am looking forward to read more!

Mollyandollie said...

I am loving looking at your stuff! You make such interesting, sweet things. I LOVe the little bird...He's so chubby and cozy looking!

Happy to have found you through SB


Tirabaralla said...

Both these are so sweet :)
Brava brava!