Sarah Waterfield

I bought the top picture from Sarah and got "noses are red" as a present.I love all her paintings and if you want to see all her art she's on facebook and also has an etsy shop.


Meisolle said...

Dear you
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :-) I really apriciate that.
Where do I know you? Is it cloth and clay? :-)

frizzyfairy said...

Thankyou Mary. What a lovely thing to do.
Just to give link to my etsy store if people want a look

Dawn in the Forest said...

They are both very cute:) I will have to check out her Etsy shop!

rossichka said...

Very sweet drawings!

Ingrid said...

The 'Noses Are Red" is so apt for this time of year. I am definitely checking out her etsy shop.

leecytx said...

VERY cute! Love the "noses are red"! leecytx from swap-bot