Sewing machine,old jewellery and french magazines from 1955

Ann and Sallyann found an antique/junkshop yesterday,and bought me the little sewing machine,and jewellery that I collect.

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Tirabaralla said...

Awwww...the little sewing machine is super nice!

I read about your pasta al forno try :)
TY for trying and letting me know.
The sauce makes a difference because compared to canned tomatoes it has the flavour of basil and it is already salted.
Canned tomatoes can do a lovely sauce if you sizzle (?) a couple of garlic clovers (or half a onion, or both)in some olive oil, add the tomatoes and a few basil leaves and let it simmer for a good while until is dense enough. Also add some salt, to your taste :)
My granny would also add a pinch of sugar to compensate the acidity of the canned tomatoes.
Sorry for not perfect english, late at night here and I am a bit tired.

If you try again I hope it will be a full success :)

Have a good new week!