Work !!

No post this week as I'm working 12 hours a day.I'm making bridesmaids dresses , day dresses, alterations etc etc.I can't think straight I've that much to do ,and there is no way I can come down in the evening and do any art or craft .I read blogs where they work into the night 3-4 in the morning and I wonder how the hell they do it.Possibly better stamina than me but no way i can cope.I could quite happily live on chocolate and sleep -'any tips would be helpfull. Thats my moan for now so 'till next time BYE


rossichka said...

Take a deep breath, eat a chocolate, leave your work for some hours and go to sleep!:) Tomorrow you'll feel better. I'm sure your dresses are beautiful and you'll be satisfied and proud with the result! Sometimes work is overwhelming, yes, but the nice thing is that you use your imagination and skills to create different things everytime!

delia hornbook said...

aawww bless you. Blogland will still be here ;-)) Enjoy your work and remember your human not super human ;-)) take care, dee x