I had to take down my giveaway as I did'nt realise they are sold I will post something else at w/e-sorry


Halinka said...

Do not be sorry-next time will be better and I am going to take part in Your 'Give away' :-))

I have missed the Deb's Dress-but I can comment it now-It's Miraculous I love the colors-She looks in it really nice.

Feel invited to my beading jewellery 'Give Away' for my current and future Followers-come and comment upon :-)I wish You GOOD LUCK in advance :-)

Dawn in the Forest said...

Hi! I just wanted to answer your question about what kind of clay I use. I personally like creative paper clay, it's easy to work with and can be layered and sanded well. Hope this helps:)

Halinka said...

Mary-just click into Your Blog settings,where You have the design.Then open the window with 'gadgets' as additions for Blogger.Then choose the PICTURE-there You can insert all the photos from Your comp files and place them in Your 'design',whenever You want to,but first You have to take my ADVERT ABOUT THE 'GIVE AWAY' to YOUR COMP. FILES and take it from there by that 'gadget'.Blogger fits it to the size,matching to Your Blog.And comment upon -I'd like You to take part in :-)
Warm Hugs & Keep Smilling :-)))

Halinka said...

OK-OK. :-)
Let Him do it-the young people are always better at computer tasks.
Mary-pls-comment upon the last post with two bracelets and choose the one,You like :-)

I am going on holiday tomorrow again,but only to the North of Denmark - to Skagen.I am taking my laptop with me,so if there are any problems-You can always write to me :-)
Bear Hugs-Halinka-