2 pictures I painted

I bought a book on zentangles and tried to do a bird in this style.The second I did in watercolour .I don't really like watercolour I prefer acrylics but tried them for a change.


rossichka said...

Hello, Patricia! Your birds are lovely! I admire your desire and curiosity to create different, new things!
Please, read my comment to your previous post, too!
Bye for now and good night!:-)

ArtLover said...


kittyh21 said...

Wow, you are so talented! I love the one all coloured in, birds are my favourite animals! I love the simplicity yet beautiful-ness of these pictures :)(kittyh21 from swap-bot)

Anabella said...

Really beautifull!!! You're an artist!!
Anabella194 from Swap Bot

Coleen said...

Love the birds. I'm a bird person myself.

Coleen in Ukraine

come by and follow please. I"m following here.

lefroggy said...

Wow that is such beautiful artwork!! I like this bird :D and your blog is pretty amazing!

-lefroggy from swapbot

evey said...

cool blog. I am following now.

eveyinorbit via swapbot

Rhissanna said...

Hi and thank you for popping over and commenting on my skeleton doll. I love your watercolours, the honeysuckles are nicely painted. It's like an illustration from an antique natural history book.

maggie. said...

I just discovered zentangling and totally addicted to it now! I love both the birds! You are so talented (:

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