Fabric I printed

      I cut a piece of fabric slightly bigger than A4 paper

        Then I cut the freezer paper slightly smaller than the silk
      Iron the shiney side of the freezer paper onto the silk.

        Cut the silk and freezer paper to A4 size

 I picked a playing card image from google and printed it.The picture is a bit blurry!.I'm making little
 flowers to sew onto it              .

I bought  nail art brushes to paint dolls eyes.They have really fine tips for drawing on small faces


Rhissanna said...

Wow, you know, I hadn't thought about the freezer paper printing thing on silk. I'd tried it with cotton and it worked ok, but I'd rather use silk for the smaller dolls. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

And, I'd wondered about nail paintbrushes and doll's faces. Are they really that tiny? How well do they work with acrylics?

Ron Anger said...

Ok Patricia.....
I'm a little slow sometimes. when you printed it did you just print the picture onto the fabric? I am assuming that you put the 'freeze dried' side up (to be printed on).
I would love to try something like this....but it's not clear in my head and that never works out well. lol
beautiful material by the way! :)