Next Doll and Basket I bought at a market

I spent last night putting 5 undercoats of gesso on this girl + 2 coats of acrylic  and 2 of varnish approx 3 hours work !!!!!This time I'm going to try and dress her  in something more colourful.I bought the basket at a market last w/e -made by a girl from Belgium ,she recycles paper and cardboard to make her crafts.This is made from newspaper.


Rhissanna said...

Oh you're making the most wonderful dolls. I have to ask, are you going to do a tutorial on your BJD construction? They look so lovely, with those long limbs and swet faces. Beautifully done, Mary.

rossichka said...

How many hours of work and efforts to make a beautiful doll that we'll admire!
The idea of this paper basket is fine! I've seen something similar in a blog for kids crafts.
Merry Sunday!:)

Lucie Carroll said...

She's looking fabulous Mary! xxx