This is the little rabbit Beverly sent me as a present -thanks Bev-I love the stamping on it and the way she made the tag -it's edged in black and looks really vintage.You can visit her blog at http://www.rhissaanna.blogspot. The other pictures are of my new doll -clay -the usual !!!                                                                                                                      


rossichka said...

What beautiful eyes and dress! She's dreaming to go dancing...
I like the stampped rabbit, too.:)

Rhissanna said...

Oh! How lovely the bunny looks there in your picture! The edging on the tag is a pure fluke; I bought some cheap-as-chips Halloween stamps at a dollar store and they had an ink pad that was a very coarse sponge. (I don't mean it was a rude sponge, I mean it had big holes *giggle*)The little dots come from dipping the edge of the tag into the sponge.
I love this new doll of yours. The way the skirt flares out while she's sitting is just lovely!

I'm really sorry it's taken a while to get to see this post. Blogger isn't putting up posts from all the blogs I follow, so I'm going and checking all my favourite ones (that includes you!) to see what I've missed.
Thank you so much for posting a picture of the little rabbit. It was exciting to send it back over the sea!

Ron Anger said...

She looks fantastic Patricia!
I love her dress - the 'tutu' effect is fabulous! I keep waiting for her to jump up and spin around!