This is my 3RD attempt at making a BJD doll. I wrap beads in cling film to insert into the body to make the holes for the leg and arm joints.It makes it  easier to remove them from the wet clay.This time I made the ball joints seperately and added them to the legs and arms with apoxie sculpt ,and I thread a needle with strong thread and firstly I push it through the ball joint(this is for the arms) and then run it through the arm -I can knot the elastic to the thread and pull it through because I find it impossible to get the elastic into a finished arm.The powder on the saucer is for the fingers.I make a paddle shape -cut the wire and put a bit of glue on the tip and push them into the clay-let them dry then I "paint" pva glue on the fingers and dip them inthe powder which is light plaster,let it dry and repeat 3 or 4 times depending on how thick I want the fingers.I cut the wire extra long because when I build up the hand its hard to know how long the fingers should be.   I cut them with a wire cutter and the plaster does'nt crack.  I have loads to do yet -make the feet add clay to the fingers etc .I'll post more pictures when I get some more done.                           


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Rhissanna said...

Oh, Patricia, I hope to be here every step of the way. I haven't dared to make my BJD yet. I know I will, but I want to see how people make theirs and what they learn while doing it. The fingers with the PVA, that's such a brilliant idea!

Please, please, if I miss a post, come and let me know? Good luck and Christmas Blessings

Ron Anger said...

Can't wait to see more Patricia! A BJD is on my list! Looking forward to all the tips!
looks great so far!