Vintage style dress with roses and beading and it's made from dupion silk and the underskirt is china silk I have 2 colours in her hair and handmade beaded roses

.I sculpted this doll from stoneclay.She is bigger than the dolls I usually make ,she's 22" tall and painted with acrylic and pastel and sealed with matt varnish.I thought I would be quicker making this type but it took as long as a ball jointed doll.


rossichka said...

It took longer to finish the doll, but it's good that you try different techniques! She looks pretty - a real coquette. Are you going to sell her?
How are you, Patricia? Hope you enjoy spring!

Patri Bears said...

Wonderful doll!!!

Jabi said...

Oh cool! It's my first time to see a blog like this. Was kinda impressed that you made this one.


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Hoping you can drop by sometime in my blog as well :)

Yanna said...

AMAZING work! this is super impressive! WOW!

Hi from swapbot :)

shelbybaby said...

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such an awesome blog! enjoying the read on your journey making dolls and hope to continue reading the history entries. keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

could you just make the dresses without the doll.I would love to get some

Rhissanna said...

Oh, I missed this post! I think I saw her on facebook, but not here. She's really lovely. I love the pale colours and that dupion silk.

rossichka said...

Hi! Hope you are O.K. and enjoying summer!:)