Finished Doll

I finally finished her!.I got the idea for this doll from a book of patti medaris culec,but I made her in clay instead of fabric.


Aideen said...

This is so cool-great job :)

Dawn in the Forest said...

She turned out wonderful:)

rossichka said...

Oh, she's a real lady! You've thought about the details - I like her shoes!:)

Chris said...

Very cool! About how tall is she?

Halinka said...

That I do not make dolls currently-does not mean,that I am not interested in them:-)
Thank You for coming and for Your comment.
You make so fine dolls,that I cannot resist to come and see Your Blog.You bet,I will be here as often,as possible.It's so nice to know,how the dolls are in Ireland:-)From this,what I see,I can say,that the dolls fro Ireland are FANTASTIC!!!
I may return to dolls' making someday-who knows and - moreover - maybe You'll get interested in my jewels a little?
My Best Greetings to You -
-Halinka DK-

Steph Salmon Photography said...

i love these, do you sell and where?

Marijke van Ooijen said...


What a lovely blog..and your dolls are amazing.
I love this dolls..
And yes..I wil follow your blog.
Please take a look into my world.


A Magical Whimsy said...

It never ceases to amaze me to find doll blogs I have never visited. I absolutely adore your beautiful dolls. I am in the Cloth and Clay doll ning site since the fall of 2008. The dresses you have created for real people are so very lovely too.
I like what you have created out of the idea of Patti Medaris Culec's cloth doll, taking it one step further and making it out of clay.
I also like your birds. And I see you like Tim Burton's wonderful characters he creates for his movies. I adore the man! and his wife too, for that matter...Helena Bonham Carter is one spectacular actress, and of course Johnny Depp who has got to be one of the most amazingly brilliant actors of the century.
Have a great New Year's Eve!
Teresa in California