I went into this second-hand furniture shop today,and got these 3 books for 9 euro.I'm delighted with the book on birds-I can check on what colours to use when I'm making them.


delia hornbook said...

Lovely have fun looking and reading those, dee x

rossichka said...

These books are real treasures! We have no such books on fairies here, because they are not personages in our folklore. I like the cornflower fairy very much! Enjoy reading!:)

Halinka said...

Books are always precious,mostly in our contemporary times of e-readers,whose shelves are only full of CDs and films.Probably I am an 'oldfashioned person' in this matter;I still adore colorful covers and specific smell of printing paint.
The book with birds can be real inspiration for You,but I think it's still better not to copy the nature's exact patterns,but to spread Your own Wings of Fantasy.
You have asked me,if I sell my crochet mice: I certainly do not.If they are not in my both webshops-it is sure-I do not sell them.
I may start someday,when return,I make the new ones,but if You are interested-I can make one on Your special order.