My little mouse arrived today.Halinka made her for me and I love her.You can see all her jewellery dolls mice etc here   She does custom orders so take a look.


Dawn in the Forest said...

This is such a sweet little mouse:)

rossichka said...

She's really sweet! And obviously likes your garden! I like her bag for the long trip... Did you give her a name? I read and saw the story of her creating - so many details, hard work and love.:)

dona said...

He's so cute! :)

Halinka said...

I have come back from my vacations and I do hope to be commenting more regularly now:-)
I see,a Mousie seems to be very happy in Your Garden:-)
Glad You like it:-)
Thank You very much for the blog post.I feel very much honored by You this way:-)
Warm Greetings-Halinka-