New Project !!

I decided today I'll leave the dolls for a while-so I went out and bought a guillotine cutter -why I don't know, and I did not want to spend big money on it in case I just leave it and not use it .So I tried to make a little note book (maybe I'll have them as xmas presents) and I have loads of ideas about ways to make them.The prices varied a lot on the cutter -from 20-70 euro so I got  one for 40 which was'nt too bad.Its a bit tricky tring to get the measurments correct .so heres my first attempt-loads or faults but I'll (hopefully) improve next time


rossichka said...

I can't see faults - the notebook is lovely! Nice idea, you sound so inspired - good luck!:)

Halinka said...

I can see,You've started something,I have no slightest idea about:-)
The notebook seems to be really fine.Nice cover and precissely made!
I really love Your ideas of scrapbooking.I always admire,what people make in this area,but I personally have made not even single attempt to make this kind of art.

I have published a blog-post about Your Mousie:-)
You can see it now!
Please,do not forget to give me Your address,as where to send the Mousie:-)
And...if You like my blog,please...become my Follower too:-)
Bear Hugs-Halinka-

Sarah-Jane said...

Hey thanks for looking at my blog, about the bind-it-all personally I think it is a fabulous item every crafter should have. I use any excuse to use mine and it is a quick an easy way to bind pages into books. I paid AU$80 for mine but I guess that you may be able to get them cheaper I bought my over 2 years ago and got it from a craft/fabric store that is usually expensive,but if you shop around then you should be able to get a cheaper one.

I am now thinking that I need one of those guillotine cutters it looks much easier than cutting pages with a craft knife and a

Thanks for following my blog I have followed yours also. Let me know if you decide to get a bind-it-all it would be lovely to see what you make with it.

dona said...

A nice project and your first work looks beautiful.