New Doll

I dressed the first one in black and the second in cream.The bead at the knee is coming up much darker in the photo


rossichka said...

She looks a little bit worried, but is very charming! You've tried a new hairdo style. The chair is lovely!

Aideen said...

Love these dolls they are just gorgeous :) x

Halinka said...

The second doll is also lovely.
Each one has got different character.I think-the new one reminds Colombina-the Dream Belove of Pierrot,that's why she looks sad a little.If You know the story from a famous French Comedy del Arte-You can recognize those features at once.
Your dolls are both,like taken alive from French'La Belle Epoque* of Fin de Siecle times.

I have written an e-mail to You :-)
Great Hugs-Halinka-

Halinka said...

Mary-please-look sometimes into Your mailbox-I have written a mail to You:-)

Deirdra Doan said...

Thank you Mary for the song..lovely story about the Lord..I never would have heard it with out you telling me about it!!!

Funny I just worked a on a dress for 5 days...a remake from a dress from 1971 for me to wear at my son's wedding...interesting to see your beautiful dresses!!!

Love the doll..I hope when I come to Ireland again we can meet..
Have you listened to my husbands songs about St. Patrick wrote and filmed in Ireland.