Trying to make a bjd doll

Hope you can see it Lucie -camera is acting up-I still have loads of sanding to do and I'm really sick of it now!!


Lucie Carroll said...

Wow Mary!! I can definitely see that once sanded and then dressed this one is going to be stunning! You must be really excited! Did it take long to do? I love your fireplace by the way! Happy New Year!!! xxx

Aideen said...

This is looking good!

Happy new years :) hope you had a lovely Christmas x

Halina said...

Fine looks of those parts:-)
They look so mysteriously and amazingly at the same time.It must be so exciting to plann,to design and make to have the exact effect we dream of.Happy New Year to You the doll's future:-)
I can see-it is going to be pretty.
Greets from SE-Halinka-

Dawn in the Forest said...

I've always wanted to try making one of these:) Looks like your doing a wonderful job. I can't wait to see her all finished.-Dawn-

sylvie Perricone said...

Thank you so much for coming into my world, let me see yours now!!! Your a doll maker too... GOOOOOD!
Hope you will enjoy the next coming! ;)