Hand Painted Silk fabric

I finished this today -lost interest- its a pain having to mix the paints with the medium all the time plus its impossible to shade parts -if anybody wants it for scrapbooking or anything let me know !I scribbled with the left over paints!


Sunny Carvalho said...

Gorgeous silk painting!!! Is it hard to paint on?

I wasn't being critical at all of your doll! I think she is lovely. I made porcelain dolls for about 15 years (I was a writer for Doll Crafter for a long time). Now I make my odd Dollandia Girls. I love to make them as they come straight from my brain with no rules. Art Doll Quarterly has asked me to do an article on them for the May issue! YAY!!

Keep up the beautiful work! xoxo

Joyful Art Stuff said...

Your dolls are very creative and unique - i really like them!!! and happy birthday to your blog

rossichka said...

Well, I can't understand what's the problem with this kind of painting, because I'm not a specialist, but I may try to calm you down with:"Such things happen!" I mean, it's only natural for an artist to meet difficulties in creating something, not to feel satisfied and to give up. The writer throws the sheet of paper, the musician changes the melody, the instrument or the tempo, the director (me!) chooses another play or changes the system of puppets... Thanks for being so sincere to share this with us, Patricia!:)
And Happy Blogaversary!! I wish you many new exciting posts and devoted followers!:)

Tirabaralla said...

Ciao Patricia ancd thank you for your words on my old post about my loss.
I like your work here, if I was living closer I would love to have them.
Hope you can find more creative satisfaction soon, sometimes this annoying stops happen.

Rhissanna said...

Dear Patricia, I'm giving you an award for your amazing blog and the wonderful things you make. It's up on my Gaslight and Gilt blog. I could't find an email or I'd put the details in there. Love and hugs


rossichka said...

Hello, Patricia! How are you? I hope everything's O.K. and you are enjoying February, no matter the cold!