New Doll

 I can't believe I have'nt posted anything since January-but I had nothing to put up.I normally do one doll at a time but I sculpted 3 together this time .I had another go at doing 2 ball jointed dolls and a ribbon jointed one.I did'nt finish the first ball jointed 'cos it was really handy to check the measurments for the second one against the first.I would never do 3 together again-it's so boring just doing the same thing all the time.I finished the ribbon jointed doll this evening .She's dressed in velvet, silk dupion, and silk organza-painte with acrylics and pastels-tibetian lambs wool for hair SOLD!!


rossichka said...

She has gorgeous hair and dress, but why is she sad?... Maybe because she's all alone? But her two girl- friends are coming.:)
Don't lose patience, Patricia, you just tried another rhythm of working and that's not bad at all!x

Rhissanna said...

Very very sweet. I love the fishnet stockings!

delia hornbook said...

She is great you have such a super talent. dee x